Welcome to Leckford Estate

As you all know I do put quality of food on the first place when it comes to cooking. I think using seasonal produce makes your food twice tastier automatically.
When Waitrose invited me to visit their farm I was very exited because to be honest I didn’t know how much of Waitrose produce is grown just 1 hour away from London in Hampshire.

The Leckford Estate has its own history and a big territory about 4000 acres! Can you just imagine how huge is this? How much produce people are farming here. Amazing!
If you know me – I’m the one who always curious where the food I buy is from. When we walked those beautiful and peaceful lands I kept thinking that a good food comes from a good place definitely.

After welcoming we walked to the most beautiful part of the estate – Water garden. It is a big magical territory with a enormous amount of different plants. Especially I couldn’t be more charmed by waterlilies (there are around 40 different waterlilies in the garden!).

After spending time at Water Garden we all were welcomed in the big wigwam near river Test where our lunch was served. The decorations, serving and location were just so dreamy. Our menu was created by chef’s team using local produce: mushrooms, spelt, trout, fresh Leckford wine. That was very exiting! Especially when I heard about fishing facilities on the farm and chef told us that the main dish is freshly caught from the river Test trout. To be honest It was my favourite dish from the day! Outside of the wigwam we could try different lemonades and walk around listening to birds and bees.

After finishing our lunch with the dessert which was a mouth watering Pavlova with seasonal British cherries we walked down to the river to have a great time making our own flower posy.
I am still thinking of going on the farm again because it was such a relaxing day on the picturesque place with my fellow food bloggers. How inspiring is this?

*This post was sponsored with Waitrose, all opinions are my own.