Christmas together

Here we are – a little bit more until the magic begins. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, I have no doubts about it. I already am listening to all the Christmas songs on repeat and thinking on the festive dinner menu.

If not talking about sparkles, Christmas tree, gifts, festive jumpers I would honestly say that the most important part of the festive season is meeting my family and friends and share memories, listening stories and eating delicious food. For someone it’s the only time of the year when they can see their families. All over the world people going to see theirs loved ones.
I remember very well the year when me, my husband and our dog moved to London. We found ourselves in a big festive city with black cabs, red buses, charming Christmas wreaths on every door and the most festive spirit I’ve ever felt, truly (it was on 22nd December 3 years ago). Not forgetting the amazing Commercial Christmas lights that we saw in front of many different buildings. I can’t believe how festive and beautiful the area looked just by putting up a few lights and decorations. It was great! We didn’t have friends here, we knew only a few people, but we moved exactly in that time of a year when it is not possible not to fall in love with the city. I was dreaming that next year we will be surrounded by our friends, our families will visit us and we could feel the same.

I think I should probably start looking for inspiration for Christmas decorations and lights to make sure that if our families and friends do join us for next year that it will be one to remember. I have recently been pointed in the direction of Proactive Landscaping’s list of Tulsa’s best Christmas lights that could be used for some inspiration, but unfortunately, I don’t think our home is big enough to make a display this extravagant. Plus, decorations like these can be super expensive, especially at a time that’s costly as it is. Looking for discount codes and coupons is useful to ensure that the time is less expensive. Perhaps I’ll look at the website to see what discounts I can get from my favourite stores, including those that sell lights! I think we will definitely give it a go as I want to make it as festive as possible.

Last night I was honoured to be invited to enjoy Christmas dinner from Waitrose with my old and new friends – food bloggers and photographers. When I came in it felt like it was already Christmas Eve. All was so beautiful, the big table was waiting for the most delicious food, there were a lot of lovely wrapped gifts underneath the Christmas tree and all the festive music. I had been mentioning to my friends about Kiana Beauty’s Chanel collection… I have a feeling that one of those presents will be something very special that I’ll be opening on Christmas Day!
Then the festive dinner gathered us all on the big table. Tender venison rack with delicious cherry sauce, turkey with the gingerbread stuffing, brussels sprouts with lentils, roast parsnips and carrots, maple glazed potatoes with the heavenly gravy… Everything as it should be and most importantly we all were spending #ChristmasTogether.
I personally loved the canapés, because they are always a must on my Christmas table and because they were delicious, should I say more.

From now until Christmas Waitrose are going to be hosting competitions when you can share your photos and videos how do you spend your Christmas together giving people the chance to win beautiful prizes like Kitchen Aid Mixers, Magnums of Laurent- Perrier Champagne, fresh Christmas trees with John Lewis decorations, etc. Here is more information about the competitions #ChristmasToghether.
Also here is a beautiful TV campaign from Waitrose if you want to dig into the Christmas mood.
I can say without any doubts I am totally into it, planned to unpack the christmas lights next weekend.

*This post was sponsored by Waitrose, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.