Basic crepes. Green edition

These crepes are not only very attractive but also are so simple to make that I actually made them using just one hand and holding my baby in another one. These crepes make an excellent quick lunch or breakfast. They’re also one of my favourite options for the kids’ lunches.
I love spinach because it is an excellent source of vitamin K, zinc, folic acid, magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin C. Should I tell more?


Basic Spinach crepes

(makes about 10-12 crepes)

2-3 handfuls of fresh spinach (120 g)
120 g self-raising flour
1 egg
2 egg yolks
300 ml whole milk
30 ml vegetable oil
pinch of salt

greek yoghurt/or cream cheese
roasted pumpkin seeds/or pistachios

Put the eggs, milk, spinach, salt, oil in a food processor and mix until smooth. Add flour and mix again until there are no lumps. You can add more milk if needed. Set aside for about 15 minutes.
Use a medium sized frying pan (I used 24 cm) lightly coated with vegetable oil. Fry the crepes for about 1 minutes each. Flip flop and cook 1 more minute or until lightly brown.
Serve with yoghurt or cream cheese. These crepes are also amazing served with a smoked salmon.