When I was eight years old I loved the kitchen room much more than my own bedroom, because my mom’s cookbooks were stored there. I didn’t like to read difficult recipes (I didn’t understand all that words then), but I liked to get seated into my favourite cozy armchair and watch pictures in these books again and again, while listening to sounds of cooking. Those were black and white books, quite old, but one of them contained some colourful pages with pictures of sweets. I so loved this book! I was looking through every detail on those pictures. They looked so delicious that I couldn’t stop thinking about eating those sweets. Probably that was the time when I started loving food photography. If you ask me…
…After that years of growing up, love for art and photography, studying in the University of Arts, working 10 years as a TV director, and now in my 27 I realised that food really makes me happy. Thats how I combined two of my passions in my professional work – food and photography.

Tanya Balyanitsa



My name is Tanya Balyanitsa and I’m a freelance food photographer and stylist based in London, United Kingdom. I try to catch a daylight to make portraits of food and meals. I love my dear Canon 60D camera, my kitchen space, seasonally prepared meals, vegetables, fruits, cup of latte in the morning and cloudy days.
I work for publications and magazines and every day I try to do my work the best. If you’re interested in collaborations with me, please find my e-mail in contacts.
I’m looking forward to photographing for you!



Honeytanie.com is the place where I share with you my photos and recipes of simple and seasonal food ideas. I hope you’ll enjoy them!
Food photography is not only pictures for me. It’s about making a portrait of a meal. Each has it’s own history and character, and I love it! I try to pay attention to each dish to understand whats the best way to picture it, how to show its character and what light suits the best.

Thanks for loving beautiful food and stopping by!
Love, Tanya.